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Mathematics & Statistics at MSD

Date: 29/04/2014 15:40 - 29/04/2014 17:10
Place: K1 (Karlín, Sokolovská 83)
Matthew Wiener, leader of Analytics & Data Sciences group at MSD IT Global Innovation Center in Prague, will give a talk with position and internship offers.

The pharmaceutical industry faces rapidly changing circumstances. Patients, prescribers and payers demand significant improvements over the standard of care – producing a therapy with a different mechanism of action from drugs on the market is not sufficient. Put another way, the public and health authorities want a better risk/benefit profile, and they want it at lower cost. Finally, the amount and complexity of data (both data generated by pharmaceutical companies in clinical trials and “real-world” data from doctors and insurers) continues to increase, raising hopes (and expectations) for “personalized medicine”, where treatment will be tailored to each patient. This talk will present examples of how MSD uses data analysis, statistics, and mathematical modeling to improve how we discover, manufacture, and distribute therapies to prevent and cure disease.

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