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Motto: Knowledge is nothing if not shared.

Past events

SIAM Pre-Semester Meeting

When: 19.9.2023 14:00
Where: Seminar room of the Mathematical Institute (K358MUUK)

FEniCS tutorial

When: 17.7.2023 9:00 - 21.7.2023 12:00
Where: K11 (Karlín)

SIAM SC Business Meeting

When: 6.6.2023 14:00
Where: Seminar room of MÚUK (K358MUUK)

Overview of SIAM Student Chapter Activities

  • Meeting with Candidates Applying for a Research Grant - October
  • SIAM SC Seminar with SIAM SC Meeting - monthly
  • I’m gonna write it in LaTeX! - December
  • Business Meeting - June